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Nowhere to fall!

Nowhere to Fall is a journey into the world of Bullerengue, the centuries-old Afro-Colombian music/dance tradition,  told through the interlocking stories of three women across three generations, from the Colombian coast to New York City.


Immigration, heritage, memory, community and identity are brought together in a musical and colorfully poetic combination, bringing up the contradictions of a landscape marked with the traces of colonialism and slavery, as well as the differences between the two very different countries.



Sebastian Errzuriz. Monologues  in the artist 'studio, 2017

Director, Camera and Editor

Documentary Excerpt

Pedro e Iván,  2015

Camera and Editor


A Barber's Dream,  2016/7

Video Editor

Short Doc. / Latno Public Broadcast TV

New American Girls, (3) Episodes, 2014



Beatriz González, Why Are You Crying?, 2010

Assistant Director, Assistant Editor


Y como para que de arte de que, 2010

Assistant Director, Assistant Editor

Documentary 72 min

Return to the Andes,  2018

Camera and Editor


Berta no murió, se multiplicó. 2018

Video Editor

Short Documentary, 2015

Life After Care

Camera and Editor

Doc. Voices of freedom

Egypt, 2013

DP and Editor

The Jornalero Wage Theft Application, 2016

Camera and Editor

Short Documentary, 2012

Sandy's Tales

Director and Editor